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Oct. 14th, 2014

Gundam 00 - Innovators unicorn


Come Show Your House Pride!

Do you miss the camaraderie, passion, and excitement that defined the Harry Potter fandom? We certainly do! That is why we've re-opened House-Pride.net, a Harry Potter forum for today's grown-up fans.

Here at House Pride, we aim to explore what we like to call 'life after Harry Potter.' This forum lets us revel in the magical world that is Harry Potter while also sharing and exploring other interests we've picked up along the way. Think of it as a friendly place to hang out with a Harry Potter flavour.

Ready to get started? Register and take our Sorting Hat quiz to have our members sort you into a Hogwarts House. Once you're sorted, the whole board will open up to you, including House-only common rooms, writing and art challenges, and even a forum-wide Harry Potter Re-Read-Along! We're excited to have you come and join us.

Aug. 19th, 2014

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Prompting Open at Interhouse Fest!

Prompting is once again open at interhouse_fest! There's no friendship/pairing/polygon too gen, too rare or too popular for this fest and we would love to see more interhouse het fic prompts!

: August 8 - 22
Sign-ups: August 25 - September 8
Due Date: October 27
Posting begins: November 3

Jul. 9th, 2014

Ely-Baby @ Selina Fenech


Fic: "The Golden Orchid" (Lily/Scorpius)

Title: The Golden Orchid
Rating: M
Genre: Romance, Adventure
Warnings: A lot of snogging.
Pairings: Lily Luna Potter/Scorpius Malfoy
Summary: Sequel to 'Scarlet'. Five years after Lily was returned to her family, she is a teacher in a school for magical children, her boyfriend is her brother's Auror partner and her mother is still treating her as if she was a child. But things are about to change: there are mysteries to solve, decisions to make and a lot of growing up to do. But are they ready for any of that?
Links: AO3 and FanFiction.Net

Apr. 9th, 2014



FIC + ART: Elemental (The Illustrated Edition) (Bellatrix/Voldemort, background Lucissa) by deslea

elemental banner

Title: Elemental (The Illustrated Edition)
Author: deslea
Pairing: Bellatrix/Tom Riddle, Bellatrix/Voldemort, background Lucius/Narcissa, Bellatrix/Rodolphus friendship
Other Keywords: First War, science of magic, theatre of war, character study
Rating: Fic is PG-13, but the art pushes it into R (one piece not worksafe)
Word Count: ~8,000
Summary: Tom wouldn't be Tom without dirty tricks and mind games. That doesn't make it any less of a love story. (Or: What Tom wants, Tom is determined to get. He didn't bargain on actually falling in love).

"I love your daughter, Cygnus," he'd said in a low voice, and that was a baldfaced lie. What he was, that feverish summer, was desperately, achingly in lust with her.

Story with 26 artworks on AO3.
Graphics only (spoilers!) on AO3 or DeviantArt.
Story only on AO3.

Feb. 23rd, 2014



Help...Looking for a fic...


I am hoping someone out there can help me find a fic I read several years ago (before the probably order of the phoenix). It is a SS/HG fic where the two find them selves working together (so to speak) to find something(don't remember what) in an alternate dimension/otherworld. I remember something about Snape hurting his ankle...Ahhh....I had it bookmarked at one point then the computer crashed. Anyway, it was not pwp and a sweet, adventurous story of the two getting to understand each other. Anyway, if anyone has a possible lead, I'd appreciate it.


Feb. 1st, 2014

HP - Scabior/Hermione


Fic: The Reflection I see bears no Resemblance to me (Scabior/Hermione/Lucius)

Author: wantsunicorns
Title: The Reflection I see bears no Resemblance to me
Pairing: Scabior/Hermione Granger/Lucius Malfoy
Summary: Hermione is Scabior's case worker, trying to reintegrate the former Death Eater back into wizarding society. Or so she claims.
The one where Hermione makes sure Scabior is her last appointment of the day for a very specific reason.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dubious Consent, Mind Control, Dom/sub Undertones, Rough Sex, PWP, Restraints
Word Count: ~4.5K

read it on LJ or AO3

Jan. 5th, 2014



Fic: Gardenia (Harry/Molly)

Title: Gardenia
Author: reikokatsura
Pairing: Harry Potter/Molly Weasley
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~4600
Warnings: Explicit sex, infidelity, age disparity (30+)
Summary: There's only one thing that Molly Weasley has all for herself, and she won't give it up for anything.
A/N: Written for kink_n_squick's 2013 Christmas Fest. Happy reading!


Oct. 16th, 2013

Ely-Baby @ Selina Fenech


Fic: "Pride" (Draco/Pansy) NC-17

Title: Pride
Author: ely_baby
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Draco/Pansy, Lucius/Pansy
Summary: Draco and Pansy live in a world where there is no place for love. Money, a title and a pure lineage is all that count, and money, a title and a pure lineage is all that Pansy doesn't have.
Word Count: 12,000
Link: On Archive of Our Own, HarryPotterAdultFanFiction and Pink Frilly Robes
Author's Notes: Part of my "The Seven Deadly Sins" series, and first part of my "The Blossom and the Dragon" series. The sequel will be about infidelity as well.

Aug. 30th, 2013



Two days left for exchange signup or to leave a prompt. Claiming opens Sept. 1st.
Join us at hpholiday!

Aug. 28th, 2013

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Interhouse Fest Sign Ups Open!

interhouse_fest was established in 2010 to celebrate the relations and relationships between the four houses of Hogwarts. All submissions must prominently feature at least two members of different Houses. We welcome all ships, ratings, eras, and genres!

Prompting: August 8 - 22
Sign-ups: August 26 - September 9
Due Date: October 28
Posting begins: November 1

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