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Help...Looking for a fic...


I am hoping someone out there can help me find a fic I read several years ago (before the probably order of the phoenix). It is a SS/HG fic where the two find them selves working together (so to speak) to find something(don't remember what) in an alternate dimension/otherworld. I remember something about Snape hurting his ankle...Ahhh....I had it bookmarked at one point then the computer crashed. Anyway, it was not pwp and a sweet, adventurous story of the two getting to understand each other. Anyway, if anyone has a possible lead, I'd appreciate it.



Sounds like Abby's 'The Other Side of Darkness'? It's an old SS/HG classic. If it's the one you're after, you can find it on Abby's author page at Witchfics
Thank you so much! That is exactly it :) This makes my hectic day a bit calmer. Can I pick your brain again? There is another story...one taking place some time before the end battle (this was also a story I read a long time ago). Poppy tends to Snape when he returns from Voldermort's torturing. she tends to his wounds. For some reason she is unable to and asks Hermoine to do it. In time she spends more time with Snape and a relationship blooms. I have found several on that premise, but most are newer stories and often take place after the last battle--residual effect of the curse.

Can you also suggest some good 'classic' ss/hg stories? I don't mind mature/nc17 but like a bit of plot and substance.
Thanks again!
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the story involving Poppy, but yes that is quite a common trope. If it's an old classic, you may find it on the other author pages at witchfics.org.

As for other 'classics' of the pairing, I'd suggest checking out Abby and Anna's pages. 'The Other Side of Darkness' has a sequel, and 'The Fire and the Rose' is also great value. 'Roman Holiday' and its sequels are also fab, though the final in that series remains a WIP.

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